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Seven Great Yarmouth UKIP councillors defect to Tories


A group of UKIP councillors have defected to the Conservative Party to give the Tories control of a council.Seven of the 12 UKIP councillors on Great Yarmouth Borough Council have crossed the divide, giving the Tories 21 out of the 39 council seats.One of the seven movers, Kay Grey, said that after the EU referendum “many voters feel this is UKIP’s job done”.East of England UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew said the action was “depressing, disgusting”.He added: “Without UKIP the Tories are going to be able to get away with an unsatisfactory Brexit.”Previously the council had been under no overall control.The councillors attended their first meeting as Tories in the town hall on Monday.Ms Grey said: “We believe the best way forward is to be with the only party that can see Brexit through.”Locally we have some great opportunities coming our way, and we believe that a majority council, not a hung council, will be better for the borough.” The defecting councillorsCarl Annison (Bradwell South and Hopton)
Malcolm Bird (Central and Northgate)
Alan Grey (Bradwell North)
Kay Grey (Gorleston)
Paul Hammond (Yarmouth North)
Sue Hacon (Bradwell South and Hopton)
Katy Stenhouse (Nelson)

Source: BBC Norfolk